Upcoming Meme Coin Set to Eclipse ETH and ADA with 3500%

A lot of meme coins are added to the market every day, but only a handful of them are able to build an ecosystem and a community that can compete with platforms like Ethereum and Cardano. Galaxy Fox ($GFOX) is being greeted with massive excitement as it seeks to break through industry giants like $ETH and $ADA and set new standards. What is this new ICO crypto everyone’s talking about, and what exactly helps it surpass such market titans?

What is a New Meme Coin Galaxy Fox ($GFOX)?

Offering far more than simply entertaining and viral content, Galaxy Fox is a fresh and exciting candidate in the meme coin market. Unlike other meme currencies, $GFOX has real-world applications in many different domains, giving investors a one-of-a-kind chance to see a 3500% increase in value. But how exactly? With play-to-earn gaming, its own NFT marketplace, well-allocated supply and deflationary tokenomics, staking possibilities, a secure and reliable team, and an active community.

The fundamental part of this new ICO crypto is its Web3 runner game. While the game concept seems simple, the competition is intense, as in every gaming season, every player competes to rank in the top 20% on the leaderboard. These winners are then eligible for handsome rewards – 50% of prize pool funds are distributed among them evenly. Such gaming seasons occur weekly and monthly so that each community member gets multiple chances to be rewarded.

Rewarding the community does not end there. Long-term investors can lock up their $GFOX tokens and get staking rewards from Stargate. Stargate is the central hub for distributing rewards to all staked $GFOX tokens, and 2% of each $GFOX-related trade funds it.

Going further, Galaxy Fox will release 3000 unique NFTs during the presale. You can mint NFTs straight from the Galaxy Fox website, and they’ll be tradeable on OpenSea and other popular NFT platforms. The Galaxy Fox NFT collection will comprise Ecosystem characters.

Besides all this reward-generating utility, the project’s presale structure itself is also worth mentioning. Ten distinct phases, each bringing a little profit to initial investors, add up to a 450% guaranteed return on investment. This dynamic approach encourages early adoption and rewards loyal users.

Considering such massive growth during the presale and many strategic passive income opportunities built in the ecosystem, the launch of $GFOX is highly anticipated in the broader crypto community.

For Info about $GFOX, visit Galaxyfox.io

Should You Still Buy $ETH and $ADA?

As Ethereum develops, it is experiencing some major transformations. Ethereum’s DApps and smart contracts have greatly democratized blockchain technology. But with Ethereum 2.0, the network is starting to go in a more centralized direction. 

With this version, Ethereum wants to move away from its initial decentralization objective and instead focus on increasing speed and energy efficiency. As a consequence, a lot of community members are beginning to have doubts about how reliable $ETH is as an investment.

Cardano, one of the top 10 altcoins, is a blockchain system known for its careful and environmentally friendly implementations. It also greatly prioritizes community building and scalability. A persistent, research-driven growth approach has shown Cardano’s dedication to careful and systematic innovation.

Yet, being a blockchain-based initiative, Cardano is very dependent on technology progress to succeed. Its reputation and worth are vulnerable to development delays and defects. Also, while powerful, there’s not much innovation in Cardano’s ecosystem. Overall, competition for Cardano is tough, and it is easy to read that in $ADA’s performance.

Bottom Line

$GFOX is a good example of how the crypto environment is changing and evolving. It offers a window into the future and signifies a new age when community, technology, fun, passive income, and decentralized values come together. This new ICO crypto has every attribute to bring massive returns in the coming months, and many seem to have started taking notes – the first presale stage keeps hitting new price milestones and currently counts over $160k raised in just a matter of days. In this bull run, it’s crucial to identify the best altcoins to buy. Join the growing $GFOX community and be part of the growth.

Learn more about $GFOX here:

Visit Galaxy Fox Presale

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