This Star Wars game bundle saves you $100, if you’re quick

EA is celebrating Star Wars Day by offering up a suite of games in a galaxy far, far away with absolutely colossal savings. So if you’re looking to round out your Steam library, finally give the Battlefront 2 campaign a try, pilot a TIE Fighter or X-Wing, or start the adventure of Jedi Padawan Cal Kestis, you can do so for just $10. Star Wars Jedi: Survivor even has a big discount, if you want to take the sequel for a spin.

Star Wars games have always been the best part of the universe. I’ve fond memories of running around Mos Eisley in Battlefront 2’s Heroes vs Villains mode, and the Lego games will remain some of the best co-op fun I’ve ever had. Even Star Wars Jedi: Survivor gives you the most robust lightsaber creation toolkit any of us have ever seen, helping your Jedi dreams come true. Star Wars is teeming with so much life and so many ideas, and we’ve got so many great games because of it.

So if you’ve missed any Star Wars games and fancy plugging up some gaps, or just want to add three games to your Steam collection with a saving of $100, there’s plenty on offer right now.

Star Wars games Steam sale

The following games are available in a Steam sale until Monday May 13, with a bonus discount if you get them in a special May 4 bundle.

  • Star Wars Battlefront 2 is $4.79 / £4.19
  • Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order is $3.99 / £3.49
  • Star Wars Squadrons is $1.99 / £1.74

That’s just $10.77 for the three games if you buy them separately, with the Star Wars Triple Bundle itself $9.06 if you manage to swoop in before May 4 is over. These aren’t the only games on sale either, as last year’s Star Wars Jedi: Survivor is 55% off until May 13, so expect to pay $31.49 / £26.99 if you fancy trying the sequel.

With their soulslike leanings, both Jedi: Fallen Order and Jedi: Survivor manage to balance challenge and charm in a way I’ve not seen from the series before. I adore the story of Cal and BD-1, and the sheer level of customization and things to do in Survivor is sure to make your head spin. Fallen Order still offers a lot though, and is essential if you’re thinking of diving into Survivor. It also has one of the best moments in all of Star Wars, and while I won’t spoil it here, you’ll be on the edge of your seat by the time it’s over.

Star Wars Battlefront 2 had a rough start owing to the overabundance of microtransactions and a lack of content, but its improvements over the years make it well worth a try. There’s also a solid single-player FPS offering, which I really enjoyed despite its brevity and lack of variety.

Plenty of these Star Wars games are also available on Game Pass and EA Play, so if you’re already a subscriber you can try them at no extra cost. Star Wars TIE Fighter is also dirt cheap for a few more days, if you want to go back in time a bit further.

If you’re looking for more, we’ve got you covered with all the best single-player games and multiplayer games you can play on PC right now.

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