The Sims 4 sees its prettiest DLC go free, but only for a limited time

The Sims 4 offers hundreds of hours of creative gameplay, but it’s no secret that many of these come from EA’s various DLC. Whether you’re looking to play with pets or have your Sims travel to mysterious tropical jungles, you’ll often find yourself looking to own one of the game’s many expansion packs. We’ve recently seen select DLC go up for 100% off, making such packs entirely free to play and keep, with the most recent one to go on sale for nothing being Romantic Garden Stuff.

If you require new DLC for The Sims 4, this is your chance to snag some for the life game for free. Romantic Garden Stuff is one of my all-time favorite packs, and I’m saying that with my entire chest despite any older mixed reviews on Steam. I love building and decorating in-game, more than I enjoy the actual dollhouse-esque gameplay in which I take control of my Sim households.

The pack came out years back, making it one of the more memorable décor collections as we didn’t have nearly as much to work with while building then. With pretty flowers and gorgeous statues galore, I was, and still am, stunned every time I filtered my Build and Buy Mode to only show items contained in the Romantic Garden DLC. Everything’s colorful, dreamy, and flirty.

To check out the sparkling fountains and lush bushes yourself, you can get Romantic Garden Stuff for free on Steam right now or directly from EA, along with other DLC such as My First Pet Stuff. These 100% off deals are only up until Tuesday, January 9. After that, you’ll have to pay the packs’ full price, which comes in at $9.99 /£8.99 each. With the Steam Winter Sale 2023 just around the corner, there’s no better time to take advantage of such a hefty discount.

The included clothing and furniture go well with For Rent, too, as you’ll have more freedom to give each lot’s unique Sims their own flair. If your Sim is an uptight landlord, no problem. Just stick one of the Romantic Garden Stuff Pack’s sweater vests or fancy floral dresses onto them. If they’re a chill tenant looking to spread some community cheer, opt for a summery dress or a comfy, colorful suit instead.

While you consider downloading Romantic Garden Stuff for free, check out a few of our favorite Sims 4 mods for more ways to enhance the base game experience without breaking the bank. Alternatively, browse our rundown on the spiciest Sims 4 sex mods if you’re searching for some more adult experience-aligned content to add to your game.

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