The first big No Rest for the Wicked update brings fixes and upgrades

Diablo 4 Season 4 is making big, exciting changes to the mammoth Blizzard RPG, and I’m eagerly awaiting news on rival Last Epoch’s next cycle. Right now, however, the ARPG I’m most interested in is No Rest for the Wicked, the dark fantasy adventure infused with more methodical combat inspired by the likes of Dark Souls and Elden Ring. Coming from Ori developer Moon Studios, the first No Rest for the Wicked patch is here, and there are a lot of reasons to check back in if you’ve been holding off.

The No Rest for the Wicked launch saw lots of players diving in, reaching a peak of 36,276 concurrent players, more than the highest seen by Ori and the Will of the Wisps. Performance issues and missing features such as key rebinding saw the new action RPG drop to a 59% Steam review score, however – but regular updates in the two weeks since have seen that rise back up to a much more respectable 78% user rating.

Now, Moon Studios has just released its first full early access patch, which “brings significant CPU and GPU performance improvements (especially when it comes to traversal and heavy-load areas), keyboard control remapping, a new mouse and keyboard control scheme, increased inventory stacks, chest inventory access at vendors and crafting stations, bows using stamina, early housing access, quality-of-life [upgrades] and 45+ bug fixes.”

You’ll now get access to housing right near the start of the game, after completing the ‘Sacrament’ quest. With this, a new house has been made available for purchase near the Sacrament Cemetery, and is yours for just eight silver. The price of The Roost has also been lowered from 20 to 14 silver. The storage on all chests and cupboards has been increased, and the latter can now be used to store ingredients.

Bows have been changed, and attacking with them now uses stamina rather than focus. Staves have been pulled back in power with nerfs to attribute scaling across the board. There are also four new tier three armor sets to find.

Elsewhere, inventory sorting has been improved, which should help make sorting all your gear out a lot easier. Vendors, crafting tables, and refineries can now all access your resources directly from storage. The new mouse and keyboard control layout will now be the default setting, but you can fully customize it to your tastes if you prefer. Moon Studios says that menu key rebinding and controller rebinding options are coming soon.

No Rest for the Wicked patch 1 - The player stands in a kitchen with a chef.

As someone who’s been very charmed by the initial offering of No Rest for the Wicked, it’s good to see Moon Studios iterating on feedback so rapidly. Co-founder Thomas Mahler said at launch that the game was “at a point where we need your help to shape and build Wicked into the best game it can possibly be,” and, while it’s still early days yet, so far the team looks to be delivering on that promise.

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