Redfall is the most abandoned game of the year, thanks to Game Pass

Redfall was always going to struggle. The vampire co-op game from Dishonored and Deathloop creator Arkane arrived at precisely the wrong time. Published by Bethesda, it was bound to be overshadowed by the-then upcoming Starfield. Coupled with bugs, some weak mission and map design, and the unenthusiastic first reviews, even though it’s a great time with friends and has some smart ideas tucked away in its later hours, Redfall was doomed to fail. Now, according to new data, Redfall has become the most abandoned game of the entire year. Alongside Atomic Heart, Wo Long Fallen Dynasty, and Minecraft Legends, which also appear on the most quit list, it seems Game Pass releases have a high retirement rate.

In our own Redfall review, we were optimistic about the Arkane vampire game. There were problems, bugs, and shortcomings, but the foundation was there for an exciting co-op shooter. Seven months later, however, it seems Redfall has come and gone. A big update in November pushed the player count a little higher on Steam, and of course, it might continue to draw a crowd on other platforms. But the online FPS seems more or less destined for the footnotes of gaming history.

According to new data from How Long To Beat, Redfall is the most retired game of the entire year. For a game to be recorded as retired, a player needs to log into How Long To Beat and submit that they played but then abandoned the game before reaching the end.

Based on this feedback, more people walked away from Redfall than any other 2023 release – 18.6% of people who started Redfall officially recorded that they did not play it to completion. 15.9% of Minecraft Legends players retired, versus 14.6% of Forza Motorsport players, and 11.9% of Last Case of Benedict Fox players.

Redfall HLTB: A comparison of stats for various Game Pass games including Redfall and Atomic Heart

Alongside Redfall, Minecraft Legends, and Forza, Wo Long Fallen Dynasty and Atomic Heart also appear on the list, with retirement rates of 9.5% and 8.3% respectively. All of these games are included on Game Pass, suggesting that players may sample releases that are included in their subscription but retire from them before completion.

It makes sense. If your monthly subscription means you ‘own’ a game like Redfall anyway, you can try it without any extra charge, and, should you not find it enjoyable, simply walk away. Especially after recent updates, however, we’d recommend giving Redfall another try.

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