Ozobot Announces New Robot Recycle and Replace Program 

NEWPORT BEACH, CA, USA – Ozobot, a global leader in programmable robotics and STEAM-based learning solutions that empower the next generation of creators from K-12 to higher education and beyond, today announced the upcoming launch of its Bit Robot Recycle & Replace Program, in celebration of Earth Day. 

“We’re proud to launch this long-awaited program, answering the call from our loyal customers and valued educators for a solution to upgrade their legacy robots,” said Kristin Archer, Vice President of Marketing at Ozobot. “This program not only provides a pathway to enhanced learning experiences in the classroom but also reflects our commitment to customer satisfaction and a greener future.” 

The program’s initiative aims to offer users with legacy Bit robots the opportunity to upgrade to the latest technology and features the Evo robot offers while also contributing to environmental sustainability. Users will send in their eligible Bit robot, free of charge, to receive a $15 credit per robot toward the purchase of a new Evo robot. There is no limit to the number of Bit robots that can be returned.* 

As part of Ozobot’s commitment to sustainability, returned robots will undergo dismantling, with usable components upcycled and repurposed. Any remaining components will be recycled to the fullest extent possible. To sign up for more information about the program, launching in May 2024, and verify eligibility, please visit Ozobot.com

*Additional terms and conditions apply. The program applies to U.S. customers only. 

About Ozobot

Ozobot is redefining the role of robotics in education with award-winning programmable robots, patented screen-free coding programs, and STEAM-based learning solutions that transform the way students learn and create across all grades, subjects, and environments. Led by a world-class team of educators, engineers, and computer scientists, Ozobot delivers award-winning solutions by integrating innovative product design with leading LMS platforms and emerging technologies, including Augmented Reality-based learning, powered by Ozobot’s coding platform, Ozobot Blockly, that supports its proprietary JavaScript and Python editors that run native code on connected devices. 

Together with students, educators, and parents around the world, Ozobot has become the #1 most trusted robotics platform in education and continues to empower the next generation of creators to discover new and exciting ways to learn. For more information on Ozobot, please visit ozobot.com

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