Netflix Resumes Production On The Sandman Season 2

Netflix has announced that Season 2 of Sandman is resuming production. The news coincides with the 35th anniversary of the DC comic series. As reported by Netflix, creator Neil Gaiman marked the occasion by penning a letter to fans, ensuring them that “good things are coming.”

“We never know where our dreams will take us,” Gaiman writes. “I look back and see one clear path stretching behind me. At times on this journey the way forward seemed impossible.. When I look at the path ahead, though, I don’t see darkness. I see how the world of The Sandman continues to grow and evolve and take new forms.”

In his letter, Gaiman recounted the unconventional journey of The Sandman, emphasizing its departure from conventional superhero narratives. He acknowledged the pivotal role of hard work, overconfidence, and key collaborators in bringing the story of Morpheus and the Endless to life. Gaiman’s letter also hinted at the expansive narrative trajectory the series will explore, from Destiny’s garden to diverse locations like Hell, Ancient Greece, and revolutionary France.

Allan Heinberg–the show’s showrunner–and the cast and crew are currently crafting the next set of stories. A behind-the-scenes photo shared by Netflix you can see above features Tom Sturridge, who plays Dream, alongside Mason Alexander Park, portraying Desire. Filming is in progress in London, though a release window for the second season is yet to be disclosed.

The first season of The Sandman premiered on August 5, 2022, receiving acclaim for its faithful adaptation of Neil Gaiman’s comic book series. The initial 10 episodes, directly based on the comics, were followed by a surprise 11th episode released two weeks later.

In GameSpot’s review of The Sandman–which came to Netflix on after decades of Gaiman holding out to honor his creative vision–writer Mason Downey says: “While about half of the show is achingly reliant on viewers wanting to see their favorite panels brought to life, the other half feels deeply concerned that newcomers might not ‘get it.'”​​

Netflix’s decision to resume production follows a temporary hiatus due to Hollywood strikes. While the ongoing installment isn’t explicitly labeled as the second season, Netflix had ordered additional episodes in December 2022.

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