Monster Hunter World currently rivals Modern Warfare 3’s player count

For the first time since the game’s final update back in October 2020, Monster Hunter World’s 24-hour player count has broken the 100,000 mark on Steam. To put that figure into context, Monster Hunter World currently, at time writing, sits at the 14th most played game on the platform, and is jostling for the 13 spot, which is currently occupied by the Steam version of Call of Duty, home to Modern Warfare III, Modern Warfare II, and Warzone.

The boost in player numbers for one of the best fantasy games available on PC is surely helped by the historically low 67%-off promotion as part of the Capcom Holiday Sale, but is also a result of the #ReturntoWorld campaign launched by Monster Hunter World developer Capcom, publicized on the Monster Hunter and Capcom social media platforms. The campaign is almost certainly to generate interest in the Monster Hunter franchise following the announcement of Monster Hunter Wilds at The Game Awards 2023.

As the first Monster Hunter game available on PC, Monster Hunter World kickstarted a new era in the long-running series, with worlds represented as huge maps with distinct biomes, rather than the segmented loading-screen-heavy zones of the past. The update, alongside the move to PC, seriously paid off, with Monster Hunter World accounting for a serious chunk of the franchise’s overall sales.

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