Make daffodils flower ‘year after year’ with gardener’s quick tip

Daffodils are a flower that will add beauty to any garden. And the word on the street is that there’s a way to have your daffodils flower for several years.

In a TikTok upload, Joe, who often shares tips to grow fruits and vegetables, let his followers in on a tip to have their daffodils flower for extended periods of time.

He said: “Here’s one quick tip to keep these daffodils flowering year after year.

“Once the heads die back, locate the seed pod here, grab your snippers, and just [snip].”

“And now just leave this foliage to die back and put the energy straight back into the bulb.”

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Someone else was very grateful as they couldn’t find anything on the subject previously. They said: “Thank you sooooo much i looked everywhere and could not find any tips.”

“Interesting tip, I have some flowering in my front yard right now. Thanks!” someone wrote.

“Lillies too,” someone else chimed in.

“I do this with most flowers and my dad taught me it’s called ‘deadheading’,” a final person said.

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