Lethal Company patch 45 adds keybinds, arachnophobia mode, loads more

Lethal Company patch 45 is here, as developer ‘Zeekerss’ celebrates the festive season with some new features, balance changes, and more for the co-op survival horror game, and it’ll make you and your friends as scared as ever. There are new items, an arachnophobia mode, and even some brilliant key bindings too. Let’s get into it.

If you’re yet to play Lethal Company, you absolutely should. The proximity chat has seen clips make the rounds online, and it really is as fun and chaotic a horror game as it looks. This is where Lethal Company patch 45 comes in though, as it makes a slew of changes and additions to the game, with more on the way from Zeekerss I’m sure.

You can see some of the new features and changes in the Lethal Company patch 45 trailer below.

Lethal Company Patch 45

Zeekerss showed off what’s new to Lethal Company in a Steam post, which we’ve broken down for you below.

  • Adds chemistry flasks, dramatic masks, nutcrackers with guns, and spray cans
  • The Forest Giant is now easier to avoid
  • Added the flash command to radar boosters and a new signal translator for ships
  • Keybind settings added
  • Gravity is more dangerous
  • The Mansion map procedural generations have been improved
  • New Arachnophobia mode

You can easily find the keybinds and arachnophobia mode in the game’s settings, while the rest of the update relates to the actual moment-to-moment of Lethal Company gameplay itself.

While playing with four people is always great, I can’t help but also recommend this Lethal Company multiplayer mod that lets lobbies go up to 32 players. It’s chaos, it’s silly, but it’s also a lot of fun if you’ve got a good number of people all able to play at the same time. It’ll likely need updating for patch 45, though.

If you want to play we’ve got the Lethal Company system requirements for you, otherwise, we’ve broken down every single Lethal Company monster and how best to not get killed by them.

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