Is The Day Before down? Server status and connection error fixes

Is The Day Before down? If you’re struggling to get into The Day Before now that the game has finally released into early access, there could be a plausible explanation. We’ve got all you need to know about The Day Before server status, error codes, and more.

The Day Before has tens of thousands of players waiting to enter the game and see what the hype is about, which could be causing some server stability problems. Now that The Day Before release date is finally here, here’s all you need to know about how to fix the pesky The Day Before connection error quickly.

The Day Before server status

The Day Before servers are working but overloaded. Due to the sheer amount of players trying to access the game, server stability and capacity issues should be expected.

Fntastic has tweeted “Overload on North American servers. The servers are working. Fills up too quickly.” So, it looks like they’re not currently taking any action to add more server capacity at this time. Unfortunately, that means we’ve just got to wait and keep trying to access the game.

To fix server stability or capacity issues, the simple answer is to wait. It’s exciting to jump into a brand new IP, especially one that’s been as hyped up as this has, but if you’ve passed The Day Before release time and you’re still facing issues, bookmark this page as we’ll update with error codes and their solutions, plus any announcements from Fntastic around server-side problems and how to fix them.

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