Is Lethal Company Steam Deck compatible?

Is Lethal Company Steam Deck compatible? Playing Lethal Company on the go won’t be as horrific as whatever is lurking in the shadows for you and your crewmates, as the horror co-op runs great on the Steam Deck. Collecting scrap on abandoned moons, and scampering about with your friends online in this latest indie hit to send PC gamers into a frenzy, lends itself to be played on the go.

The Lethal Company system requirements only call for 1GB of install space, which isn’t at all scary like the dangers that are waiting for you, and your unexpected crew. Picking up one of the best microSD cards for Steam Deck will still ensure you have plenty of storage space on your handheld, if you’re still struggling to allocate some space.

Is Lethal Company Steam Deck compatible?

Yes, Lethal Company is playable on the Steam Deck, and has been given an official ‘playable’ commendation from Valve.

Lethal Company narrowly misses out on being fully verified, due to some functions of the game requiring the use of the virtual keyboard, and that mouse, keyboard, and other non-Steam Deck icons will appear during gameplay.

According to the Steam page, Lethal Company is still in early access, so it’s likely that the compatibility with the Steam Deck may change over time. Developer Zeekerss has plans to make the game full of creatures, items, customization, and map variations, and these additions could affect the system requirements, which could have a knock-on effect on how the Valve handheld runs the game. These future additions could drastically change the compatibility for the Steam Deck, making playing Lethal Company better suited to your desktop PC, or bolster the indie horror hit to being fully verified instead.

If horror co-op is your thing, Dead by Daylight is one of the best Steam Deck games, and is fully verified to be played on the go. While it hasn’t earned a spot in our guide, Texas Chain Saw Massacre is Steam Deck compatible and is perfect for getting that online horror fix on the handheld.

Picking up one of the best Steam Deck docks will help fully unlock the potential of your handheld too, whether you’ve got the LCD version or one of the flashy new Steam Deck OLED models.

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