Greater Noida Authority Plans New Underpass To End Traffic Situation At Gaur Chowk

Traffic from Parthala to the Char Murti roundabout is congested during peak hours. (Photo: TOI)

The traffic jam at Gaur Chowk is attributed by locals, traffic officials, and experts to inadequate infrastructure, irrational turns, and a lack of signage.

Parthala Flyover in Noida opened for the public in June 2023, following a two-year delay.

The bridge, which connects Noida to Greater Noida West, was built to relieve traffic congestion in the area, saving 30 to 45 minutes.

Even though the flyover was opened to reduce traffic congestion, the area near Gaur Chowk, which connects Noida, Greater Noida, and Ghaziabad, has turned into a nightmare for Greater Noida residents.

At Gaur Chowk, traffic from the Delhi-Meerut Expressway, Crossings Republik, and Greater Noida converges, frequently causing bottlenecks. The Gaur Chowk traffic jam has been blamed on bad infrastructure, illogical turns, and a lack of signage by residents, traffic officials, and experts alike.

According to Annapurna Garg, CEO of Greater Noida Authority, there are no immediate solutions for addressing the concerns at Gaur Chowk. Instead, she offered the idea of building an underpass, as per News9Live. She highlighted it as the only viable option, indicating that completion could take at least 18 months. Furthermore, the agency has launched a survey to solve service lane issues and other road engineering concerns in the area.

A traffic officer who has been in charge of Gaur City traffic for the past year stated on the condition of anonymity that “the structure of the road and turns is creating problems for commuters as they move to Gaur City from Noida” as quoted by The Hindustan Times. “People often get confused on this route and cause congestion when they take a sudden turn,” the officer added.

Meanwhile, the road with six lanes, Gaur City, connects Gaur Chowk to the Iteda roundabout, and this is where there is congestion. The main road and the service road each have three lanes.

The three-lane service road is vacant as traffic from the Parthala flyover uses the three-lane main route towards Greater Noida. People normally park in one lane and do a U-turn for Noida by driving in the incorrect lane.

Prior to the Parthala flyover opening, traffic officials manually controlled the flow of traffic from the Noida side. However, after the flyover opened, traffic from the Noida side could reportedly now proceed freely.

According to a second traffic official, the Greater Noida authorities must install obvious signage and create a detour on the six-lane road before Gaur Chowk for drivers going in the direction of Ghaziabad. Additionally, congestion results from most people turning left at Gaur Chowk in the direction of Ghaziabad.

Meanwhile, commuters have described the drive from Parthala to Char Murti as “a nightmare,” according to sources.

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