Destiny 2 announces The Final Shape delay, reveals other “new content”

Destiny 2 is nearing its final chapter, and fans are chomping at the bit to see the decade-long lore reach its pinnacle. Bungie has been working on The Final Shape, the shooter’s upcoming expansion, for a while now, and initially aimed to release the concluding content in February of 2024. Bungie now says that The Final Shape will drop a bit later so as to ensure the conclusion is top-notch.

Rumors about a possible Destiny 2 delay have been circulating for a few weeks now, with the community wondering whether The Final Shape is still dropping during the winter or not following a series of layoffs at the studio. The space game‘s developer has now confirmed the delay, saying, “The Final Shape needs more time to become exactly what we want it to be.”

To allow for a “bigger and bolder vision” the developer now reveals Destiny 2’s long-awaited expansion will arrive on Tuesday, June 4, 2024. Game director Joe Blackburn notes that as The Final Shape is no normal expansion, but rather the end to over a decade of Destiny lore, Bungie wants to take the time to make sure that the conclusion is “remembered and treasured for years to come.”

While the Destiny 2 The Final Shape release date is coming later than expected, we’ve got other “new content” to look forward to. With the Season of the Wish release date upon us, Bungie has confirmed that it is still the last season before The Final Shape launches. However, there is other planned content in the works for Guardians to fill their time with until June.

In the new year, around January, Destiny 2 will add three new PvP maps to its Crucible mode. There will be one on Neomuna, one on Europa, and one on the terraformed pyramid created by the Witness. Blackburn himself has been playtesting these, stating that they’re a healthy mix of close-up combat and ranged, tactical play that the Crucible-goers will love.

Blackburn says the team is “trying to make sure that the Destiny 2 Crucible is built for those folks that love to log on and play Destiny PvP every single day.” That’s not all the love the Crucible is getting either, as a new mode, Checkmate, heads into the game with a focus on “a more deliberate crucible” and “creating a crucible that is more strategic, more focused on your guns, and more focused on the loadout that you’re coming in to fight with.”

The dev is adding weekly progression-based quests dubbed ‘Wishes,’ coming in February alongside the game’s annual Moments of Triumph event. Destiny 2’s Guardian Games are being pulled forward to March “with a refreshed focus on class vs. class competition.” April marks an even bigger addition, with Bungie’s “two-month content update available to everyone” called ‘Into the Light.’

Bungie explains that Into the Light leads up to The Final Shape, preparing us for our climactic journey into the Traveler. Blackburn says this additional content is for the players with 5,000 hours or more, or for your friends who have only just jumped into Destiny 2 and want to catch up before the saga concludes. According to Blackburn, Bungie will talk more about Into the Light at a later date.

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As one fan’s comment reads on Bungie’s update video, “Hearing about the delay is a big relief as it shows you guys are giving The Final Shape the care it deserves.” There’s also a lot of love for the roadmap so far, with many commenting that they’re “looking forward” to new content.

Bungie notes that “delays aren’t fun,” but states that the team is “excited to have the extra time” to meet Guardians’ expectations of The Final Shape. For now, we have Into the Light to look forward to and the highly requested Destiny 2 Fireteam Finder. Between those, the Season of the Wish, and The Final Shape, the developer is juggling various exciting updates.

“We’ve been holding some cards close to our chest on this one,” Blackburn concludes his discussion of the delayed expansion. “In April, when we come back with gameplay from The Final Shape, we want the game to speak for itself.”

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