Delhi Airport: Strategic Measures Implemented to Decongest and Enhance Passenger Experience

Delhi Airport: Strategic Measures Implemented to Decongest and Enhance Passenger Experience. (Photo: Wikipedia)

Delhi Airport’s proactive measures tackle congestion: Additional staff, tech upgrades, and strategic planning aim to enhance travel efficiency and security.

In late last year, significant congestion was observed at Delhi Airport during the winter schedule (October to March), a period marked by increased air travel globally.

Responding to passenger concerns raised on social media, Union Civil Aviation Minister Jyotiraditya Scindia conducted an inspection of the terminal building and issued directives.

In an effort to alleviate congestion and improve operational efficiency, Delhi Airport has implemented substantial measures to enhance the overall air travel experience. These measures, as outlined by Minister of State in the Ministry of Civil Aviation, Gen. (Dr) V. K. Singh (Retd), address various aspects of passenger flow and security.

To combat vehicular congestion at departure forecourts, additional Traffic Marshals have been deployed, ensuring a smoother flow of vehicles. Travelers are now greeted with boards displaying the least waiting times and entry gate numbers, strategically placed to guide them in advance. Real-time waiting time information is also available on display boards at entry gates and shared through social media channels.

The introduction of Zone 0, a new security zone within Terminal 3, aims to enhance security checks and address bottlenecks. Additional X-ray machines for baggage checks, increased manpower by CISF, and vigilant monitoring through CCTV and a Command Centre contribute to a more efficient security process.

Passenger awareness is being raised through entry gate posters, encouraging them to be prepared with air tickets, boarding passes, and identity proof documents. Additional entry gates have been opened to expedite passenger entry, and airport operators have been advised to re-balance peak-hour traffic between terminals.

To further expedite the passenger flow, airlines are urged to deploy sufficient manpower at check-in and baggage drop counters. The use of technology is also encouraged, with the installation of 2D barcode scanners at all entry gates and the promotion of DigiYatra—a biometric-enabled seamless travel experience based on facial recognition technology.

The comprehensive approach includes measures such as the deployment of staff to assist international passengers in filling disembarkation cards and continuous monitoring to ensure compliance. These initiatives collectively prioritize both passenger convenience and airport security, reflecting a commitment to delivering an optimal travel experience at Delhi Airport.

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