‘Chic and timeless’ colours to paint your front door this winter to increase kerb appeal

Decorating the front door goes a long way in setting the tone for the rest of your seasonal interior, so an expert has shared how to give a “festive refresh” to yours this Christmas.

1. Paint

Sarah Lloyd, paint and interiors specialist at ValsparPaint.co.uk told Express.co.uk: “In terms of colour, your front door is the first point of entry into your home, so it’s important you choose the right shade to set the tone for your interior.

“There are three colours that are perfect for the winter season, including olive green.

“Earthy and organic, a door that’s painted an olive green colour, helps to connect your home with all of nature outside.

“Gold or brass knobs and knockers work particularly well with this theme, as do small glass elements within the door to let the light shine through.”

The expert said olive green blends especially well with natural stone as well as fresh white door frames.

2. Red

A good old-fashioned pillar box red is always a “chic and timeless” option, according to the expert, especially in the winter.

The interior specialist said: “Whether blending shades with a red-brick property or contrasting with another bold shade, red is a versatile colour, which creates a classic and stylish vibe.

“Both black or gold hardware suit a red-painted door, so try out different handles and knockers to see which appeals to you.”

3. Orange

Orange is a colour which represents vibrancy and fun, but when toned down into a muted shade, the expert said it can be “classy and charming”.

The pro noted: “A burnt orange colour for your front door works well on a modern or mid-century home and blends especially well with black frames and accessories.

“It’s the perfect colour to welcome you home in the cold winter evenings with its warm cosy ambience.”

As well as painting the front door, which can change the entire look of your home, the expert also recommended adding some accessories such as fairy lights.

She explained: “If you are someone who embraces the festivities, then why not bring that magic to your front door? 

“Accessories such as wreaths, bows and hanging baskets are the perfect addition to your front door and can create the perfect winter wonderland for the festive period that your guests will love. 

“A simple wreath on your front door is a timeless piece. Why not try making your wreath, that way it will be personalised too

“To create the perfect festive ambience, why not try adding fairy lights to your front door, arranging them in your hanging baskets, wreaths or plant pots? 

“You could also add in some hanging lanterns overhead to create a wintery mood that will also add warmth and cosiness to your front door.”

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