Bengaluru EV Manufacturer Simple Energy Contacts Customers To Cancel Pre-Bookings, Details Here

Last Updated: November 25, 2023, 17:10 IST

Bengaluru EV Manufacturer Simple Energy Contacts Customers To Cancel Pre-Bookings. (Photo: Simple Energy)

Customers are being contacted by Simple Energy to cancel their reservations for the Simple One electric scooter.

Simple Energy, a Bengaluru-based EV manufacturer is contacting customers to withdraw their reservations for the Simple One electric scooter.

In a recent email conversation with a customer, the Bengaluru-based startup emphasised that its team has been calling all customers to raise awareness about “the recent fraudulent happening forging Simple Energy Private Limited.”

The email also states that a refund would be issued to all customers who have reserved an e-scooter in advance. However, once an experience facility or center is set up in their city, the EV manufacturer promises priority delivery to those who have pre-booked.

“Our team is attempting to reach all our customers via telephone. Meanwhile, our intention is to create awareness among our customers about the recent fraudulent happening forging Simple Energy Private Limited. This affects our brand value as customers believe these imposters and lose their hard-earned money. Hence, we are taking this step of initiating the refund to all our customers,” the email reads as quoted by Autocar India.

When Autocar India reached out to Simple Energy for a statement on the same, the company said it had come to their attention that select consumers have received letters pushing them to cancel their Simple Energy pre-bookings. They recognise the concern and seek to clarify the situation in order to remove any misconceptions or uncertainties.

“These emails were specifically sent to select customers residing in cities where fraudulent activities were detected, posing a potential risk to our company’s reputation,” the email also states, as per Autocar India. This proactive precaution was implemented to protect their consumers and provide them with the option of a refund if they decide to cancel their pre-bookings, reports add.

Simple Energy’s sales stats have reportedly come to a halt in recent months. The company claimed in May 2023 that deliveries will begin in June in Bengaluru, with other cities to follow quickly. It also announced at the time that it planned to open “140 to 150” showrooms in India during the next 8 to 10 months. However, like in the past, things haven’t gone as planned, and Simple Energy has supplied fewer than 40 scooters to date, according to government registration statistics.

This year, the Bengaluru-based electric vehicle manufacturer sold 10 scooters in June, 14 in July, and 13 in August, as per the Autocar India. As of November 23, 2023, the company has not delivered any scooters since that time.

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