Beloved Steam roguelike “will add sex” after hitting major milestone

Cult of the Lamb has us more excited than ever for its future after a recent announcement regarding Sins of the Flesh. The massive update is boggling all of our minds, but that hasn’t stopped memes from flowing. If you’ve looked at the developer’s social media recently, you know that the comments are flooded with players requesting… well, sex. It looks like Massive Monster and Devolver Digital are ready to answer these unholy prayers.

It’s official, all right. Cult of the Lamb is getting a sex patch, and it could be a part of the recently revealed free update. Sins of the Flesh is coming sometime “very early next year,” which lines up perfectly with when the sex update is dropping. If you’re confused about why sex is coming to the 9/10 game in the first place, it’s because we asked for it.

In response, Massive Monster initially requested a 300k follower count on Twitter. In return, the indie game dev said it would “add sex” as players had jokingly been asking for it. Unsurprisingly, hundreds of followers quickly poured in and got the official account to the required mark in under two hours. Cult of the Lamb currently has a whopping 367.8k followers. As the dev says in its post confirming a sex update, “Oof.”

“Looks like we are adding sex to Cult of the Lamb,” the dev continues, adding in emojis you have to see to believe. Massive Monster confirms that sex will drop at “the very beginning of 2024,” which coincidentally happens to be “very early next year.” Does this mean that sex is coming with Sins of the Flesh?  There’s no way to know for sure, but it would certainly fit with the name perfectly.

It’s important to note that the update won’t be inappropriate or x-rated. In a Steam thread, one of the devs replies stating that the sex update is “more of a meme” rather than something that would affect the game’s age rating. The dev also says it’ll be optional, as “if you prefer not to play with certain aspects of the update, you will not be forced to.” Personally, I hope cult followers woohoo like people from The Sims or something.

While you wait for the highly requested sex update to drop next year, you can look through some of our other favorite roguelike games for now. If you want to play something that focuses more on your decision-making and management, check out a few of these great strategy games instead.

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