One in four adults prefer it firm in the bedroom – when it comes to mattresses, at least. But a study of 2,000 adults revealed 28% thought they’d prefer a firm mattress – only to realise they need something softer. And 23% are currently sleeping on something they’re not totally happy with.

To show how to make the right decision, eveSleep created an updated version of the children’s classic ‘The Princess and the Pea’. At a pop-up event, they created two stacks of mattresses – with one hiding a giant size pea underneath.

Consumers were put to the test to see if they were sensitive sleepers and could detect the hidden ‘pea’ while lying on a stack of mattresses.

Lisa Richards, from the online mattress maker, which commissioned the research to launch wunderflip, its double-sided adaptive comfort range, said: “Sleep isn’t just a luxury, it’s a necessity for a healthy life – the right mattress is your partner in achieving that rejuvenating rest.

“It’s about finding the perfect balance of support and comfort to ensure you wake up every morning feeling refreshed and ready to take on the world.

“Your mattress plays a crucial role in the quality of your sleep, affecting everything from your mood to your productivity the next day.  

“That’s why we’re helping keen snoozers make the right choice when shopping online, giving them a choice of two different comfort ratings.”

The study also revealed of those who don’t like their current mattress, 43% said it causes them more discomfort than it does relief.

And sleeping on an unsuitable mattress is most likely to lead to pain in the lower back (56%) or the neck (36%). While 27% will feel the strain across the shoulders, and 14% will even report pain in their legs.

More than a quarter (26%) even admit the quality of their mattress will ‘very much’ impact their mood on any given morning. And 32% admit they have trouble falling asleep regularly, according to the figures.

The ‘Bed Battle: Team Firm vs Team Soft’ experience will take place at Gallery@Oxo in London’s Southbank from Thursday 2nd May to Sunday 5th May.

Lisa Richards added: “You might not know what you want until you’ve tested a few different mattresses, which can be tricky especially if you’re buying it online.

“That’s why we’re inviting people along to find out whether they’re a ‘firm’ or ‘soft’ sleeper by experiencing both sides to avoid an expensive mistake.”

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