Minecraft just added its most exciting new 1.21 features early

Minecraft has me feeling some type of way indeed with its upcoming 1.21 update and its adorable armadillo, highly requested wolf armor, and other exciting new features. While the crafting-oriented additions are a big deal, I’m more of a cozy player myself and am always looking to see new animals make it to the blocky sandbox game. Thanks to Mojang’s preview and snapshot builds, we’ll all get to interact with and watch the soon-to-come armored little armadillos roll around in-game early.

That’s right. The latest Minecraft preview reveal details how we can test out a couple of 1.21’s best features before the big update drops. While we already got to play around with similar early builds containing elements from 1.21, like the new mob spawner, the sandbox game is now giving us access to the savannah-dwelling armadillo and what we’ve awaited for years now, wolf armor to keep all of the best boys safe as we explore.

The latest preview, or snapshot depending on whether you’re playing the Bedrock or Java edition, comes just in time for the holiday season. As the developer says in its announcement, “That means you’ll be able to spend your break interacting with this skittish new mob and venturing out with your favorite pet clad in wolf armor.”

Mojang explains that while playing the early build, we’ll likely come across the armadillo hiding in the savannah grasslands. As the new creature is easily startled, we’ll see how it “rolls into a very adorable blocky ball,” and how it “won’t uncurl until the threat is gone.” It reminds me of my nervous chihuahua, and I’m so here for it.

Be sure to approach this guy with caution so as to not spook it, as it’s probably already on edge from hostile and night-spawning mobs. You can give armadillos their favorite treat, spider eyes, and pick up the game’s newest drops from it, scutes. These bony scale-like plates lead into the preview build’s next big addition.

With scutes, you can craft the long-awaited wolf armor to keep doggos safe during adventures. I usually never bring my wolves with me due to the fear of losing them, so I can’t wait to finally experience the company of a furry companion out in the wilderness. Mojang says that “the armor crafted from armadillo scute is as strong as diamond horse armor,” so I think I’ll feel pretty safe having my howling pals come with me.

If you want more information on how you can get the build working for yourself, be sure to check out Mojang’s official website. Be sure to also take a look at our rundown on Minecraft snapshots. It’s important to note that these cute features are coming as a part of the new preview or snapshot, so they may not be entirely representative of the 1.21 update.

You can add other cute critters to your game right now for free with a quick look at our favorite Minecraft mods. I will forever be upset about no mooblooms in-game, so that’s my top animal mod pick. Alternatively, check out these stunning Minecraft texture packs to give your game an entirely fresh makeover.

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