Marvel Snap finally adds long-awaited new features

In competitive games and under the right circumstances, every emote can become offensive. Marvel Snap is no different, from an infuriating Ms. Marvel thumbs up to the Hulk-Thing fist bump, there’s always a way for them to make you want to punch your monitor. This December patch adds several of them to collect, along with a new automatic deck filler, but fortunately – or unfortunately if you like to collect everything – you’ll have to spend a lot of time to nab these premium cosmetics.

The primary edition to Second Dinner’s card battling game are albums, which grant rewards for collecting variants of the same style or from the same artist. Each album consists of 12 cards, and upon collecting 3, 6, 9, or 12 of the available variant arts, you’ll receive exclusive rewards: new avatars, card arts, resources such as credits, and finally a new emote. The current sets available are Venomized, Jim Lee, and Dan Hipp. As Marvel Snap has had the same set of emotes for over a year now, you can imagine that players are pretty excited for this edition – and so am I. The Cosmo emote where she’s wearing sunglasses? Give.

Unfortunately, collecting specific variant card art is quite difficult: while you can pull variants from Collector’s Reserves, it’s quite a rare chance to pull one you want, given how many variants there are. Furthermore, purchasing variants in the shop requires gold – a scarce resource that usually requires real-world money to obtain. Even more alarming is the fact that the eight shop variants only refresh once per day, and with well over 1000 variants in the game, getting that Jim Lee Rogue variant may never happen. Second Dinner will have to make variants easier to obtain in the future for these albums to actually get filled, even though they do now offer a premium mystery variant for 800 gold that will likely have a themed variant within

The second feature added to Marvel Snap is an automatic deck filler. Simply clicking the + symbol when putting together a deck will allow you to fill it with cards. Upon testing it out on an empty deck, it put together a great Loki deck that wouldn’t be out of place in the meta. I also removed key cards from other decks of mine, and it managed to fill in the blanks with great editions. I would have loved this when I began playing over a year ago. New players will likely get the most out of this feature, as it can be quite daunting to know what to play in Marvel Snap’s quickly shifting meta.

Speaking of shifting metas, Second Dinner also buffed and nerfed a ton of cards, which you can read all about on their official website. It’s safe to say the meta isn’t going to settle for some time, so maybe give the deck filler a try – or if you’re not keen on competitive card games, check out our list of the best strategy games on PC to keep your mind sharp.

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