Kolkata Metro Unveils Newly Built Mahakaran Station On Green Line

Last Updated: December 04, 2023, 18:30 IST

Kolkata Metro Unveils Newly Built Mahakaran Station On Green Line. (Photo: Wikipedia)

Kolkata Metro unveils Mahakaaran metro station on Green Line, prioritizing modern amenities, passenger comfort, and international standards.

In a bid to ease travelling for commuters, Kolkata Metro has finally unveiled the newly built Mahakaaran metro station on the Green Line.

As a part of the city’s East-West metro connectivity, the station has been designed with the latest advancements, focusing on passenger amenities, and is built on international norms.

Apart from that, its modern facilities are also created to provide a welcoming and comfortable environment with wide concourses, escalators, and elevators among other features.

For the unversed, Mahakaran is one of the four underground stations in the city including Esplanade and Mahakaran on the Kolkata side and Howrah Station and Howrah Maidan across the Hooghly on the corridor’s truncated section from Esplanade to Howrah Maidan.

Mahakaran Metro Station on the Green Line: About

At a time when the newly built Mahakaran metro station is set to elevate the travelling experience with state-of-the-art amenities and modern design, it is also located to cater to the growing passenger demand in the region near the BBD Bagh area of Kolkata.

The station serves as a major gateway to the city’s heritage and the mighty Hooghly River. Scroll down to read how it will transform the commuter experience on the route.

  • The station has a spacious layout with well-defined passenger areas which will ensure easy movement and navigation to passengers. Apart from that, the white concourse and ample sitting space will also give adequate space for passengers to relax and wait for their trains.
  • Speaking about its location, the station is nested amidst the historic BBD Bagh area. As passengers descend into the station, they will witness the modern and well-designed area, promising both comfort and convenience.
  • Apart from these, the station has also conformed to some stringent international standards which ensures passenger comfort and safety with its well-lit interior, and air-conditioned spaces among other facilities along with escalators and elevators to eliminate the need for climbing stairs. While the station will have 10 gates, two will be marked for wheelchair-bound passengers.

To sum it all up, the Mahakaran metro station will clearly stand as a symbol of the city’s ongoing transformation into a modern era. Its commitment to infrastructure development and passenger comfort and experience reflects the Kolkata Metro’s dedication to providing a world-class experience.

It will seemingly play a pivotal role in enhancing connectivity with a mix of modern amenities, passenger-centric design, and strategic location.

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