Doctor shares one thing you should always do at the end of your shower

Showers are a part of many people’s daily routine – benefits include boosted energy and muscle ache relaxation. But there’s one thing you should always end your shower with, according to naturopathic doctor Dr Janine Bowring.

As well as being an author, researcher, and mother of five, Dr Bowring has 494,000 subscribers on YouTube, where she issues health advice.

In one of her videos, she recommended always ending your showers with cold water.

She explained: “This is why you should always end your showers with cold water, especially on your head and on your chest, because cold helps your leptin receptors, and your leptin resistance needs to be fixed in order to balance your hormones.”

Doing this can also help with weight loss, said Dr Bowring, and it’s especially important for vagus nerve tone.

She said: “This is going to help your parasympathetic part of your nervous system to help you to relax.

“So great for a good mood, great for anxiety, and for nervousness.”

Dr Bowing’s tip is to hold cold water on your face and chest in the shower for as long as you possibly can.

She added: “It’s really going to go a long way for your overall health as well.”

Moving on to other shower habits that could be affecting your health, a dermatologist warned of a mistake you could be making that “you need to stop now”.

Dr John Zade is a doctor and dermatologist in the US who shares health advice online, from secrets to losing weight to how to treat nail fungus at home.

Posting on his TikTok account, which has more than 133,000 followers, Dr Zade said: “What’s that one thing? A loofah. These things harbour a lot of bacteria and people use them on their bodies, hang them back up, the bacteria grows, and it’s not good for your skin.”

Loofahs are popular, particular for making skin feel clean. But Dr Zade also warned they can be “super abrasive on your skin”.

So throw out your loofah, said Dr Zade, and use your hands when using body soap or body wash. He said: “Your skin will look a lot better.”

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